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Our Vision
To be recognized as a Global IT Services Organization that “Delivers Business Value” by providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions.
Customers / Clientale
A World Leader in Industrial Gas Turbines Power Systems
U.K's most innovative and effective Non Profit Org.
Global supplier of wireless solutions for wireless communication networks
Industry leading Manufacturer of Doors and Windows
A Govt. Water Agency based in Southern California
A Leading provider of microcontrollers & Analog Semiconductors
Fastest growing media management and technical backbone for posting Video, blogs and forums
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Testing / Quality Assurance
Solec provides complete offshore and on-site testing services to global companies. We can serve as the sole QA team, augment your testing team or provide independent, third party validation of your testing processes and results. We work with your internal product development teams to ensure the highest degree of software quality before product release.
We have extensive experience in developing test plans, functional testing, exploratory testing, automated testing using various tools like WinRunner, SilkTest, QuickTestPro, and performance testing using tools like LoadRunner, WebLoad, Solec Performance Tool and JMeter. Solec has expertise in communicating the work progress using various Bug tracking systems and management tools such as Bugzilla, Team Tracker, Test Director, SHARC etc.
With our dedicated staff of QA professionals, sophisticated testing lab and rigorous testing processes, we deliver the ideal testing services to our customers.
Testing Process
The Solec generic testing process consists of 3 key phases.
Testing Approach
Planning Phase
Execution Phase
Reporting Phase
Define Scope
Identity tests to be conducted for the projects
Identify the tools to be utilized during testing
Design project Inception checklist
Create Test Plan
Create detailed test cases / scripts
Create test date
Preparing the test environment
Execute the test cases / scripts
Identify issues following test cases and logical thinking
Investigate the bug found until its impact is fully understood
Perofrm fix validation
Document issues found
Provides client's daily,weekly and end of test cycle reports
Disscussions through conference calls(if needed)

QA /Testing
Our testing services primarily include the following:
Functionality/Regression Testing
We validate the software. We identify the functional, operational requirements and build comprehensive test plans to verify the product conformance with all the functional specifications. Based on the product and its needs we customize our testing process and choose the appropriate testing type.
Performance Testing
Solec Performance Testing Framework is a single window framework for our customers who need to test the stability, capability and robustness of the product in extreme deployed conditions. Performance Testing Framework comprises in-house experts, in-house performance tool, market leading performance tools and the practical knowledge that we acquired during the years of research.
White Box Testing/Code Review
We do intensive source code review, code coverage analysis, cyclomatic testing, data flow testing, loop testing, profiling, etc. on various technologies. White box testing is required because, on average, even well written programs have one or two bugs for every 100 statements.
Compatibility Testing
Solec provides an extensive and less expensive compatibility testing services with huge gamut of operating systems, platforms, databases, servers, browsers and hardware devices. Any peripheral hardware device, or server configuration that we do not currently posses, can be rapidly obtained through our associated hardware and software vendor partners. Solec also uses several environmental simulators (such as Ghosting, VMware etc) to reduce the testing time and cost.
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